Toddler who ate grass..really??



OK so #mybigmuffin told me in the morning that “mumma I’m getting strong

Read below our conversation thereafter:

Me: How baby?
Mybigmuffin: Mumma coz I eat grass
Me (freaked out)  : Grass?  When did you start eating grass?
Mybigmuffin: You hide little pieces of grass in my rice,  I know that.  Do you think I’m a little baby to be fooled so easily.
Me (confused): Which grass?  Do you even know what’s grass?
Mybigmuffin : Mumma?  Oh god!  I can’t believe,  my mumma doesn’t know what’s grass. Have you seen the green tiny leaves in the playground?  That’s called grass.
Me: ohhhh.  But then what I gave u in food is called coriander.
Mybigmuffin : Mom I think you are confused! ( How the hell did she sense my confusion?)

The argument went on for 10 minutes,  where she kept trying to convince me that what she ate was grass,  until I showed her coriander in the refrigerator.
And to my luck she understood at the end.

She concluded : Next time mumma dont hide unknown items in my food,  I am a big girl.  It’s better if you let me know about new things. I should know what I’m eating.  I told my teacher that I eat grass everyday and she thought it was a joke.

I concluded: I am shocked at how my three year old has grown up into an intelligent little kid. As a parent never underestimate a toddler. It’s not wise to feel that your toddler doesn’t need to know a piece information about something, merely coz you feel they won’t understand.

Rather tell them EVERYTHING! You never know when they would turn around and surprise you with an extra piece of information.

Gosh it’s so much fun talking to a toddler. #mylittlemuffin

Would love to hear your toddler stories?.

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Preetjyot Kaur
I strongly believe in breaking all the stereotype ways of parenting. For me parenting is all about love and fun. My girls and I believe in jamming out in the car, in dancing in the rains, and in miracles. We believe in smiling till our cheek hurt and laughing till our neighbours’ ears burst. Parenting definitely comes with loads of challenges, but trust me facing these challenges becomes much more easier by having a fun and a happy attitude towards it.

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