Casio Mini Keyboard- Bringing families together since Decades

Casio Mini Keyboard

Casio Mini Keyboard is Bringing families together since Decades.

Researches have proved that new born babies can remember sound sequences and tunes heard while in the womb.
Through crooning and singing, dancing, moving and listening to music with our little ones, were can reinforce relationships with them. It can help us be aware of their emerging voice, their ability to listen and respond emotionally to the music that is played to or with them.

I have grown up in a family that has a musical inclination. Casio mini keyboard was the first musical instrument that my siblings and I owned.

Casio Mini Keyboard

Memories of trying to create music is still so fresh in my mind.

We learnt about melodic contour, pitch, beat and rhythm, phrase, composing, creating our own music and making our own choices while we would sit for hours with our Casio mini Keyboard.
It was our favourite time of the day when my entire family would sit together, while my siblings and I would take chances to showcase our talent on the keyboard. Little did we know back , that we were learning through play.

When it came to introducing music to my girls, I knew that Casio Mini Keyboard would be the best choice.


I wanted to recreate memories with this cool instrument that holds a special place in my heart.

For the happy nappy brigade – dancing, singing and making music comes very naturally. Musical activities also have a unique way of distracting and changing your little ones mood.
With the television providing a good amount of musical programmes, Digital media, computers, karaoke games and family activities, your child could get great opportunities for listening, interaction and musical stimulation.

Casio Mini Keyboard

Singing, dancing and music making helps in a child’s development. Music can help support your child’s language and communication skills. It also aids in their social and physical development, their well being, creativity and imagination.

Music also helps a child towards understanding maths, allows him to make sense of the world around and also helps in early literacy skills.

Children learn the best through experimentation and play and also by mirroring their parents or caregivers.

Casio Mini Keyboard

Dedicating a special time to music will not just bring your family closer, but will also help your child build a natural enthusiasm for music, experimentation and movement in a playful way.

My girls spend hours learning different songs and dancing to the music they create on their Casio Mini Keyboard.
They are proud of their unique musical compositions and are eager sound explorers.

Casio Mini Keyboard

This is a perfect piano keyboard for children without being too costly.
It has great sound, lighted keys with makes it easier for the beginners and has a large database of songs which makes Casio mini Keyboard a great source of enjoyment for years to come.

Dedicating a family music time is a great way to bond. The earlier you start engaging in music together, the earlier you would see or feel the benefit.

Does your child too have a love for music?
If yes, then this instrument is just what you need.

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Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. This is really a very good option for kids. It will help them to learn music too! I was going through Casio India website, they have good collection and price is also affordable.

  2. Thats really cool that you have introduced her to the keyboard. I have also bought one and kept it for my daughter to grow a little older and start some music session. Can’t wait for that time.

  3. This mini key board looks interesting and a great source of entertainment for small kids. Will get this for my daughter too

  4. Oh yes I so much agree to you , I got this as a first musical gift for my niece some 5-6 years back and this year my son who is 3 played the same with my niece. The smiles of the kids speaks of this keyboard.

  5. Casio Mini keyboard have been very popular since long time. Though I have not been good in creating good music, but love to listen to good one. I definitely plan to get one after reading your article.

  6. You won’t believe last month when we visited India, my mum gifted my son a Casio keyboard and he was so happy and was over the moon to receive it.

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