Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn App – transformed the way my kid learns

Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn App – transformed the way my kid learns.

This pandemic has brought online learning to the forefront!

Whether schooling your kids through online classes or learning new skills for professional growth, all of us are fast evolving as a tribe of self-initiated learners!

Thank God for Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn app, which has literally transformed the way my kid learns. The course material, innovative technology and its mentors have helped in improving my younger ones retention power.

Byju's early learn app

Now when the kids are away from school. They are either attending online classes, or are being homeschooled by their parents. All of this is new and we’re still trying to navigate through the tough times. We as ‘Parents’ are constantly under the pressure to encourage our kids to learn and develop new skills and limit their screen time to only worthy content.

But what’s difficult is to find worthy content for your child’s growth. Juggling between work from home and household chores, this research is almost impossible. While there are plenty of educational apps, games, and toys that promise to ignite a child’s thinking process in a fun way, only a handful of them actually live up to their promises.

BYJU’S is hands down one of my daughter’s favorite means of learning these days. The app integrates Disney’s beautiful storytelling technique with concepts that stay with them for long. With Disney’s timeless stories, and characters from Frozen, Toy Story and CARS as your child’s buddies and guides, the learning journey becomes all the more interactive. The fusion of learning and engaging lessons is what made my daughter love it even more!

The virtual world of BYJU’S is quite interesting to explore. We have been assigned a mentor, who guides us and keeps a check on my daughter’s performance. While my daughter independently learns through the app, I can easily track her real-time progress. The app ensures that she understands all concepts in the most fun and engaging way.

Super happy to say that my most important priority is now taken care of by BYJU’S. We are truly loving the app’s unique feature of introducing newer ways of adaptive and personalized learning. It recommends learning activities based on the proficiency and progress of a child.

Can’t thank you enough!

Byju's early learn app

Atreisha’s  favourite is the worksheet feature. The package sent by BYJU’S includes a  tablet, books,  magic pens,  some stickers,  a card game and some exciting surprises. Out of those is the reflector and an OSMO base for the worksheets. When the tablet is placed on the Osmo base, the reflector helps the app read the worksheet and instantaneously processes the answers. The correct answers are then marked in green on the screen, while the incorrect ones are marked red.

It’s such a great feeling to see your daughter picking up things so well, even the complex concepts.  Byju is definitely here to stay in our lives. Thumbs up from us,  we highly recommend BYJU’S. A true game-changer in the world of education!

Watch the video below to see how the app works.


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  1. Be it Homeschooling or virtual learning, it is a different experience for kids and for parents as well. When we have trustworthy apps like ByJu then we get the confidence that things will be managed.

  2. This is indeed a fun and interactive way to help kids learn. Disney characters are their favourite and I’m sure they’ll love it. Good video!

  3. I have heard about BYJUs from ads and reviews. It seems like a promising app. With home schooling and online learning becoming the new norm, this seems like an option worth trying.

  4. Wow.. This is definitely one of most used and appreciated app available. I would love to give it a try for my daughter. Thanks for sharing such an detailed post.

  5. Online education is rising during this pandemic. But the quality content is quite dubious. Disney’s Byjus covers a lot under the umbrella making it a good app to try out and supplement kid’s education.

  6. This app is really great and I have taken for my son too, a great way to make kids learn in a fun and interactive way with the videos

  7. oh many moms are raving about this app. i have used it only for some contests. now they have come up with so many different kinds of assistance for students of all ages.

  8. Yes with recent pandemic situation apps and online learning tools have become an integral part of our kids education. Here is usa we are using khan academy and mathentic since long. Byju sounds like an excellent app. Will check out this for sure for my girls. Thanks for sharing your honest review.

  9. Personalized learning is gaining momentum nowadays. I have been hearing a lot about Byju’s early learning app and after reading your experience I am quite interested to try it out myself. I will check it out!

  10. I am in awe with how these EdTech companies are making life easy with such engaging and interactive mediums of learning. Gone are the days when parents would tell their kids to rote-learn. It is time to embrace education and learn the concepts. Glad to know about Disney.BYJU’s collaboration.

  11. I like the fact that the kid gets a mentor assigned who can then customise the learning as per the child’s needs .Also the fact that parents can keep up with their child’s progress .

  12. This seems to be perfect app for kids .I have heard a lot about this . As home schooling and online learning has become a new norm . I would like to check them out for my kiddo too .

  13. I have seen the ad once off, but never quite realised the depth to the app and its benefits. this is a helpful article and definitely an app worth trying out for the kids.

  14. I have heard about Byju’s interactive learning program but as my son is not yet eligible so I haven’t enrolled him yet. But I really feel that personal attention by dedicated personal mentors thing is great idea.

  15. Byju definitely a very good learning app for kids. Even my son using this .it is very easy and well organized .

  16. This Byjus app is really good, my cousin is using the app for her daughter and she has got some really good results. I have to try this for my kid.

  17. Byju’s name is certainly at the forefront of online education. I must say their adaptive learning and cool method of teaching through customised tablets and worksheets is really awesome!

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