Have you ever thought about why have you been following this old school ritual of putting a big black mark on your baby’s face ? I had the courage to go against this unsaid rule of putting a black mark on d babies. Do u ?

Yes it was a big risk that I was taking, and I did that not because I don’t like following rules, but just because I believe that if I as a mother, am following certain superstitious things, then soon I will be seeing my baby freaking out after seeing every black cat cross her way. 

Here, through my article I wouldn’t want to judge or question any mother who is doing this. This is absolutely my perception. And I know that choosing to pen down this is a big controversy that I am getting into.

As a mother, I chose to break all the rules that had absolutely no logical reason behind it. Yes I broke the biggest rule of marking my baby with a permanent black marker. I had to go against the whole world . I chose not to follow the most important rule in our country, and at times there was so much pressure on me with regards to putting this black mark on my daughter that I ended up making a black cross on my lo’s cheeks, and used to say “teja main hoon, mark idhar hai” (for all those who don’t know what I am talking about please watch the movie andaz apna apna 😉 )

Yes I did it a few times, not to show the world that I gave up to you. But to show that I still don’t care about this, for me the black mark meant nothing but just a joke.

We all are god fearing, but one question to all who do believe in God, do you actually feel that your god won’t protect your child from anything negative. Why is it that I as a mother can’t trust the almighty and take the shield of this so called nazar ka teeka (as its called in Hindi).
These babies are cute and by doing all this to them we are taking away the beauty from that child.
We should trust the almighty so much that his creation is so pure to be protected by positivity all the times.
I had d courage to break this rule. Do you?

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