My little muffin- is a Headstrong baby

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I have realized lately that #mylittlemuffin has been very headstrong. She very strongly puts up her view over different things and activities. It’s amazing how these muffins have a mind of their own at such a tender age.

headstrong baby


Now that she has started talking so much, each day she comes up with a strong opinion. It maybe about the food she wants to eat, or a game she wants to play, place she wants to go to or color of clothes she wants to wear.
Each day is a struggle to make her wear something apart from just pink…yes! ! It’s amazing how girls develop a natural  love for the colour pink.
The best part about it is that she is very clear in her mind about what she wants.
I am sure this will help her when she grows older, because of us ,all our life are confused over what we want in life.
Yesterday when it was raining heavily, I asked #mylittlemuffin to sing : ” Rain rain go away” poem.
To which she out-rightly said to me: ” No mumma I like the rain”.
Gaush my headstrong baby.
I was awestruck , speechless for sometime n then I started laughing.
The funny part is she would run around the house singing this song with an umbrella on her head, only when it’s not raining.
This maybe termed as a rebellious phase in a child’s life by most people, but I call it the most #funphase. It’s a challenge for me as a mother to handle #mylittlemuffin with such strong opinions over everything. Like how they say that a child teaches the mother everything, I feel she is teaching me how to handle her in this #fun phase. I let her do her thing in most cases, but just to let her know that in life not always will we get things done our way, I tell her nicely that we would be doing a few things differently. At times she would rebel, and at times I wonder how intelligently she understands and follows what I say.
Motherhood is all about finding happiness in every small little difficulty. It’s about how we as mothers make life fun for ourselves and our muffins.

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Preetjyot Kaur
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