A solution for dry and frizzy hair | Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

Dry and frizzy hair

I’m am so happy that I finally found a solution for my dry and frizzy hair.

All women crave for lustrous, beautiful and healthy locks. And let’s face the reality, even if you use the best of makeup techniques, it could be easily overshadowed by dry and lifeless hair. Over 90% women suffer from dry and frizzy hair due to excessive chemicals, weather, heat, genes, etc. Check below my detailed review of this chemical free solution for the dry and frizzy hair, and which also claims to take care of the hair fall.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Mamaearth for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product: This product came in a really pretty recyclable cardboard box which had some cute mom quotes on it. It also had a round cut-out so it could be reused as a pen holder or for any other storage. I was really impressed by the minute details like just the packaging. I really loved the size of the bottle, quite value for money I would say. Frankly I’m a sucker for good hair products and always prefer chemical free ones, and since this one claimed to be toxin and paraben free, I decided to try it right away. Dry and frizzy hair

What Mamaearth claims: Mamaearth claims that this hair mask would take care of your dreadful hair fall specially post delivery. They also say that it has extremely hydrants and have restorative hair repair properties. It also promotes new hair growth and keeps the hair happy and healthy.

Dry and frizzy hair

Dry and frizzy hair

Price of the Mamaearth Argan Hair mask : 599 Rs. For 200 ml

Availability: www.mamaearth.in, www.nykaa.com, Amazon

The high fives of Mamaearth Argan Hair mask :

  • Like I mentioned above, I loved it’s packaging, and also the bottle looks really appealing.
  • It has a perfect blend of all natural ingredients : Curd extract, Argan oil, Milk protein, Avocado oil, Collagen and tea tree oil.
  • It has a thick consistency, due to which it doesn’t drip, and you can easily walk out of the washroom and relax while the mask does It’s job (specially when you know as a mom you just can’t sit in the washroom for 20mins peacefully?).
  • The natural oils in the mask gives it a really soothing fragrance ( trust me the first time I tried I was sitting in my room sipping my coffee for almost 40 minutes. This was definitely double the time they had mentioned in the instructions).
  • It made my hair lustrous and easy to manage.
  • The effect of this product lasted for 3 days.
  • I also felt that it gave volume to my hair.
  • It’s perfect for curly hair, as I’m sure the ones who have them, know how maddening it can get to tame those locks.
  • It acts like a quick fix, if you have an impromptu outing.
  • You would need a small amount to apply, thanks to its thick consistency.
  • It being toxin free is the best high five. Aren’t we all too tired of chemically treating our hair all the time?

Dry and frizzy hair

Not so high fives of Mamaearth Argan Hair mask : You might find this a bit expensive for a 200 ml bottle. However, I feel that because a little amount is enough to do it’s job, it justifies it’s cost. I wouldn’t mind investing a bit more on something that would last for a long time.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: If you are stuck with hair that has been chemically treated and looks more like a scattered hay ( just like mine), you definitely should try this hair mask. It has brought life to my hair after using it for just 4 times. I would personally recommend this product.

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  1. Tried this Mama Earth Argan Hair mask which I received as a part of their review team. Found it effective for my dry and frizzy hair..although its very early to say how its going to work on my hair fall caused due to hard water. Still happy to have found a all natural hair mask that non messy to use. 🙂

  2. WOW where was this mask 16 months ago when i had my baby….I had terrible hairfall. I think this a fantastic product for all new mums out there. Thank you for reviewing it.

  3. I have long dry curly hair. Would like to know if this mask has to be applied throughtoutin scalp or all through hair also. I doubt then how long the bottle will last 🙂 😉

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