American Pistachios – A perfect snack for mindful eating

American Pistachios

American Pistachios 

Since ancient times, Pistachios have been revered as a symbol of robust health and wellness. These aren’t just delicious and fun to eat but also enriched with nutrients which are beneficial for a great health.

American Pistachios have a few unique properties that set them apart from the rest nuts.
They are versatile since they can be eaten alone as a snack and also work well in many dishes, in baked items or can be used to add a crunchy topping for various salads.

American Pistachio

I attended a virtual knowledge session organized by American Pistachio Growers (APG) on 27th May’2020. It was an insightful session where Dr. Mike Roussell (Globally renowned Nutrition Consultant, Author and Advisor) spoke about the benefits of Pistachios as a source of plant based ‘complete’ protein.

In this post you will find all the information I consumed during the session.

We learnt that American Pistachios pack a powerful nutritional punch to a diet.
It’s one serving (28g) contains around 49 nuts which provides-
• 160 kcal
• 3g fiber
• 6g protein
• 580 g potassium
• Vitamin B6, Ritalin, Phosphorous and copper.
It was interesting to learn that American Pistachios contain more antioxidants than most seeds and nuts.

American Pistachios


It’s a perfect snack for the entire family (including kids).

Dr. Mike Roussell stated that “Research that proves that American Pistachios are a complete protein is crucial since it shows that these pistachios contain 9 essential amino acids which a human body needs in a form that is easily absorbable and accessible for the body to use. This is unique since the other plant proteins are incomplete as additional complimentary proteins must be added to get the essential amino acids.


Dr. Roussell shared insights about the importance of pistachio intake for adults as well as children.

American Pistachios benefits for children:

• It’s a complete protein for development and growth
• Provides good amount of fiber for a healthy digestion
• Contains Lutein which is great for healthy eye and brain development
• Contains healthy fats for energy and proper development
• It’s great fun to eat.

American Pistachio benefits for Adults:

• Convenient and portable
• Perfect protein for the recovery exercise
• These contain key minerals that need to be replaced after the exercises
• Great source of sustain energy

American Pistachio

American Pistachios Health benefits for adults:

• Researches have proved that it doesn’t add up to your weight. The reason for that is Pistachios Principle: This a mindful eating concept that can help you feel full, without any feeling of deprivation. The fact that these come in a shell, allows down the eating process since the left over shells give a visual cue about the pistachios consumed. This potentially reduces your calorie intake.
• Switching to these from carbohydrate snacks leads to weight loss
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases since they control factors like triglycerides and cholesterol
Controls blood sugar level
• Supports a healthy brain functioning

Aren’t you too surprised to know these benefits of American Pistachios? They not just makef a healthy snack, but also charges up your body with it’s amazing nutrients.

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