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Lubna’s Baby cloth diaper shop Review:

I always wanted to give the modern cloth diapering a try, but my little girl was already potty trained when the concept of cloth diapers became popular. And special thanks to Lubna Jehangir, a wonderful at heart mommy, behind the baby cloth diaper shop, who graciously nodded yes to let me review one of her cloth diaper and I’m too excited to tell you all about it.

My first reaction of Lubna’s cloth diapers popularly known by baby cloth diaper shop:
Just like most women I have this huge crush for cute prints, and what’s more cutter than a cute design on the baby bum? I feel in love with the look and feel of the diaper the moment I saw it.

These are ‘one size fits all‘ kind of diapers, which can be used from birth to 2 yrs old or till your baby is potty trained. This diaper has snaps which can be adjusted according to your baby’s comfort.

Cloth diaper
This is how the cloth diaper looks from outside. The material is waterproof and is made of TPU/ minky material, which is 100% chemical free, baby skin friendly and totally environment friendly.Insert

Baby cloth diaper

This is the inner side of the diaper, which is made of microseude /microfleece material, which has a great absorbency level and doesn’t let your baby feel the dampness at all.Cloth diaper inserts

These are the inserts’ choices available which are used to absorb the pee. All three have different absorbency levels.

1. The right one is microfiber which holds the pee for 2-3 hrs.

2. The middle one is called charcoal bamboo, which makes your baby comfortable for 4-5 hrs.

3. The left one is called hemp which is made of a combination of microfibers and can hold the pee upto 8-9 hrs( perfect for night time cloth diapering).

Cloth diaper Cloth diaper Cloth diaperCloth diaper

The above pics shows how perfectly these diapers would fit your baby . My girl is six months old and looking at the snaps, there is plenty of room for my girl to grow with this one.

The high fives:
1. The beautiful vibrant prints are just too good to resist. I have personally liked all the prints that The cloth diapering shop is offering.
2. The front of this diaper stays flat and it has a soft inner lining. Along with this, it has a tummy panel which avoid any wicking. For babies like mine, who are prefer sleeping on their tummy, this one is a very comfortable cloth diaper.
3. This diaper has various sets of snaps which makes it a perfect fit for babies of different weights.
4. Throw away the diaper rash creams or powders if you own this cloth diaper from the Baby cloth diaper shop..
5. The inserts are thin, and it’s unbelievable to see the amount of pee they can hold.
6. The elastic is comfortably tight and holds the wetness inside, avoiding any blowouts. At the same time doesn’t leave behind red marks on the baby’s skin.
7. It doesn’t take forever to dry.
8. The cover can be reused multiple times, if it doesn’t get soiled. You may remove the wet insert and put in another one in such a case. So less laundry to do?

Not so high fives:
Honestly, I don’t feel that there is anything that I would like to change about these wonderful cloth diapers that the baby cloth diapering shop offers.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: I was surprised to see the way the diaper still feels dry, even after the baby pees. When my daughter had peed in the diaper, on touching the inside of this cloth diaper, it still felt dry. I have fallen head over heels for this diaper, and would definitely recommend all mommies to give it a try.

Washing instructions as guided by The baby cloth diapering shop:
1. First wash: You would have to wash the inserts and diapers alone if doing a machine wash. Avoid adding any other clothes to the machine. The detergent brand suggested by cloth diapering shop are Rustic art or tide original. Wash and dry and your cloth diaper is ready to use again.
2. Once the diaper is soiled, make sure you wash it in plain water so that the pee is out completely and in order to avoid any foul odor.
3. Collect all the diapers for the whole day long and wash it preferable at night in the machine. Add little detergent and run the machine.
4. Instructions for the washing machine:
If you select hot water option, please make sure the temperature is not more than 40 degrees, else it may damage the diapers. Spin and dry the diapers.
5. Instructions for washing by hand: make sure the detergent is out of both, the diaper and the insert, to avoid any rashes.
You may choose to wash the diapers immediately after they get soiled or collect the cloth diapers for the whole day and wash them together at night.
6. Please note: The diaper can be kept without a way for not more than two days, but in open pail.
It’s always advisable to clean them within a day though.
7. Use coconut oil instead of any rash cream if your baby has any rashes.
8. Cleaning the hemp insert: Please note that only for its first time wash, you would have to put it in boiling water for 30 minutes in a vessel and then wash them.

If you wish to purchase this cloth diaper please check out the details below and click this link to like their page and never miss out on any new print available. Baby Cloth Diaper ShopBaby cloth diaper shop

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