Benefits of playing Sudoku:

Sudoku is one of the most famous board game. People love this game for different reasons. Some play it for leisure, while others love the thrill that comes while they unravel the hidden tricks of this game. There are some benefits of playing sudoku that I would like to share this post.

Did you know that playing Sudoku could help boost your brain power?
Whether you play it online, on a paper or on your phone, sudoku helps kids of all ages.
It works towards training the brain to perfection.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are of my own.

Here are some benefits of playing sudoku:

Mental math:

Sudoku being one of the best learning game for children and a brain game, helps polish a child’s cognitive skills. It familiarises a child with numbers and also improves his mental math skills.

Problem solving:

Since sudoku urges a child to use different thinking processes, it is highly thought provoking.

Does this series make sense? Are all the numbers in the series correct? Do all the numbers match? Should this number fit?

All these questions help a child to learn how to think critically, since he would keep trying to find the solution till he should surpass the level of failure and would get the solution.


It’s difficult to remember if you used a particular number in a row, column or box, and Sudoku helps you to remember it. This game helps in polishing a child’s skills of remembering where he placed a number.
When one repeatedly solves sudoku, it helps in sharpening the long and short term memory.
So all you mommies who keep complaining of memory loss after becoming a parent, do practice playing sudoku??.

Positively diverting energy:

Any kind of Puzzle involves trial and error, and children usually don’t succeed at it in the first go.
This gives a child an opportunity learn two important lessons: never to give up and also be patient.
Instead of wasting time on television or YouTube channels, a child could spend time solving sudoku which works wonders for the brain cells and it’s something more constructive and positive too.

Increases focus:

Sudoku helps a child to be more focused and alert, which would have a positive influence on his performance. It helps a child to control his wandering mind and helps in clearly focusing on a task.

So next time don’t shout at your child when he is playing sudoku, instead join him.

You can play sudoku online as well on a website called Livesudoku, which gives you an option to randomise Puzzles with your own preferred settings, instead of offering you a set of pre-made Puzzles to try slowly and beat.
Trust me there is nothing that could beat a free online Sudoku which you could enjoy playing anytime, anywhere.
This website also gives you an option to compete with other players across the globe.
Click the link to check it out:

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