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ChuChuTv : helping your babies get ready for their preschool
ChuChuTv had been a part of our lives since over 3 years now. It’s probably the first Indian YouTube channel which is creating amazing videos and has become a family member in most of the houses that I know.

ChuChuTv has over 3 billion views and more than 3 million subscribers, which proves the popularity of this amazing channel.
As a mother of two, I totally understand the importance of videos for the development of a child.
When I became a mom I knew for sure that my girl won’t be raised listening to the new age music. The songs being made with the most absurd lyrics. I wanted to keep my child aloof from this world of double meaning songs.

And chuchutv beautifully came for rescue.Chu chutv

I have always believed that allowing your child to have a screen time was extremely important, but also knew that I had to be careful with the kind of videos that my girl would be watching.

One fine evening when my girl was watching a series of rhymes videos on YouTube, she started watching a video of ChuChuTv. She immediately fell in love with the opening jingle of ChuChuTv, shouting out the word ‘ChuChuTv‘ in the most cutest baby voice.
Not only my girl, but I know almost all babies around me are fans of this YouTube channel.
I have come across mothers thanking this YouTube channel for helping in the growth of their children.

ChuChuTv believes in making animation videos which give out a positive message along with the ability to entertain your kids.

ChuchutvBe it about promoting the value of sharing and helping others through rhymes like “Chubby Cheeks” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep“or teaching the importance of exercise in a way that your kids would understand through videos like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes“, this YouTube channel will be your’s and your child’s companion through this beautiful journey of motherhood.

ChuChuTv doesn’t believe in doing the usual nursery rhymes. They change them to create a positive impact on the kids who watch their channel. They aim torwards inculcating good thoughts in the children’s mind which would make them better adults.

ChuChuTv had got a talented team based out of India, which comprises of artists, marketers and educators who work really hard at creating videos that will help you along your parenting journey.Chuchutv

Most of the members of their team have little kids at their homes, which helps them to think from a child’s point of view.

I am a fan of ChuChuTv and so is my girl.
Like I mentioned above that we need to limit our child’s screen time. And when you give this screen time to your child make sure you watch this channel and you would love the smile they would bring to your child’s face.
Here is my girls favorite video from ChuChuTv.


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