Fun April Fool’s day pranks to pep up a Flight Attendants day !!!


With the April fools day arriving, it urges me to write about my favorite topic, practical jokes, that a flight attendant can use to pep up her day  😉

Flight attendant prank

One of the things I most loved about my fellow crew members was that they knew how to have a good time. The course of an airline career will serve up lots of time to kill. Delays, reschedules, red-eyes, cancellations, long sit times and layovers, so self-entertaining skills come in handy.

Trust me nothing can be better than cracking a joke at your work place to brighten up your day.

Now for a cabin ATTENDANT since the work place is 36000 feet above the sea level, the pressure of safety and security is really high. Hence, its really important to let go at times.

But you definitely need to be blessed to have the right set of crew and circumstances to set yourself free, and enjoy, keeping the safety and security of the passengers and the crew.

Here are some of my favorite pranks that we can play on board ( keeping in mind the safety and security of the passengers and crew. These Just for Fun and would urge all to take it in a fun stride.

Please share what your favourite one in the comments. Would love to share your favourite one too… Happy reading…

Please do share with me your views on the post and also if it helps you in any way!!

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Preetjyot Kaur
Preetjyot Kaur is an Internationally Accredited Life Coach for Kids and a Certified Parenting Coach who strongly believes in breaking the stereotypes. She helps her clients to learn how to fulfil their dreams by helping them train their mind, manage emotions & energy to achieve what they truly desire. For over 6 years she has mentored quite a number of kids and parents to move closer to a better way of living.

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