Inclusivity | It’s unfair if someone else’s child suffers just because our child wasn’t aware


It’s about time that apart from imparting beautiful values into our children’s heart, we also ensure that our kids believe in inclusivity.

I speak to children on a daily basis as a Life Coach for kids, and shockingly most of them aren’t even aware of what exactly is ‘ BULLYING‘. Due to this they don’t even realise if they are bullying someone or they are a prey to it.

Empowering our children with the knowledge about Bullying is our responsibility as Parents.

Read this post to understand why it’s important to ensure that our kids respect every individual and believe in inclusivity.


When our generation was growing up, LGBTQ was an alien concept for us. This was mostly because the community was in a way compelled to keep themselves in disguise due to the society pressure and also because the society was not ready for something different.

Today we have a changed perspective. We have understood how Love has no language. Those from our generation who were homophobes, have changed the way they look at LOVE.


Do you remember making fun of someone who had a different sexual orientation while growing up?

Have you seen someone else do the same to a child in your class/school?

I am aware how almost all parents are ensuring that their kids are aware how it’s not right to discriminate on any basis. Be it caste, colour, learning or physical difficulties, accent, etc.

But I have to be honest and say that we still have a long way to go when it comes to making our kids aware of not judging someone by their definition of Love.

We still have to teach our kids how it’s ok if a girl is a little masculine or if a boy has a feminine body language.


This gap is the root cause of millions of kids getting bullied everyday. The bully doesn’t even know how their actions could scar someone for life, simply because the child wasn’t aware.

None of us want our kids to be the reason for someone’s trauma. Right?

Let’s take a pledge to be the change this world deserves.

Let’s empower our kids.

They deserve to know!

Imagine a world where we truly believe in INCLUSIVITY.

A world where no child is looked at differently. Imagine what your child would mould into if they look at everyone who is unique, with respect.


Use your mommy wisdom and start empowering your child with age appropriate knowledge. We know from within, when and how to introduce them to a new concept.

But do it!

Do it before it’s too late…

Do it before anyone else’s child ends up being in trauma.

A recent case about a child broke my heart.

I couldn’t see the mother in pain. She was helpless.

She wasn’t aware what her child was going through silently, until one day the child couldn’t take it anymore.

I would never want my child to force someone into such a trauma.

I want my kids to stand up for those who aren’t able to stand up for themselves and are cornered just because they are unique.


I am sure you too want your kids to be this change.

While I am writing this post, I can’t stop thinking about the mother who’s immensely talented child suffered for years. He was a victim of years of bullying.

Who is responsible?

In my eyes, it’s us parents who didn’t feel it was necessary to impart knowledge to our kids and teach them about inclusivity. If we don’t notice that our child is turning into a bully, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

things you should never do

I really hope this post motivates you to help your child understand about Inclusivity.

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