My experience of being a member of Johnson India’s first Global Mom Influencer Council

My experience of being a member of Johnson India’s first Mum’s Circle Round table

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Firstly I would like to express my gratitude towards BabyChakra, who nominated me to be a member of the prestigious Mum’s Circle Round table at Johnson and Johnson India.
BabyChakra is an amazing platform for parents, where they get an opportunity to connect with various child related services and products, which have been reviewed my real and honest parents. It’s one of the most trusted platform for parents and helps them in taking the right decision regarding their little ones.

This was a great opportunity for me, and I was totally overwhelmed. For me, motherhood and Johnson and Johnson brand have been synonymous. I have been a true fan ever since I remember. This is the brand that my grandmother used for my mother, who used it for me and I was using the same for my girls. Johnson’s is a compliant that had been passed down from one generation to another.
Mum’s Circle Round table comprises of influencer mom’s who were invited over the Johnson and Johnson, Mulund plant, to know what goes behind the making of this brand.
They don’t just make baby products, but this brand is truly dedicated to the healthy and happy development so many babies worldwide.
I was eager to learn about the research that has been recently unveiled about baby care and hear from the unprecedented panel of baby care expert.
I was able to get to know the brand more closely and was able to see the procedures their products undergo before they land on a mothers hand and then on the baby’s skin.

When we arrived, we had a warm welcome by the Johnson and Johnson team lead by Deepali Agarwal who is Marketing Manager, Johnson’s Baby IndiaMylittlemuffin

Since I was with my baby, they even offered me to     make my baby comfortable in their in-house creche. Since my girl refused to leave me then I got her in the conference room with me.
It was truly amazing how they really took care of my needs as a mother, surprisingly they got a baby cot and a bean bag and a few toys in the conference room so I could be comfortable while attending the meet. I really appreciate their gesture.

Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We had a great informative session with the #bestforbaby experts and got to know about some really surprising facts about baby care.

Mr Ganesh Bangalore(Vice President Marketing JnJ)  and Mr Ram Shukla (Dr Director,Global RnD) shared with us the vision and credo of Johnson and Johnson.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We  were then taken around the plant and were acquainted with the formulation, conceptualization , clinical testing, manufacturing and packaging of Johnson and Johnson Baby powder. We were all given lab coats, for the lab visit, which made us all feel like ‘doctors‘ ?.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We  were shown some live experiments showing us how Johnson’s is #bestforbaby. You would find the link of the same down in this post. I was so keen on watching the experiments and understanding them, that I missed out on recording it myself. A complete Eye opener experience. We were also explained how much detailing goes behind getting their raw material, which really surprised us.

Mylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We were also treated with an open forum, where we could ask them anything, and they were eager and very much willing to face even the controversial questions.

The questions ranged from ( I would soon cover answers to all these questions on another post):

  • ‌Why Johnson’s use cologne in their products while there is a trend of scentless baby products?
  • Are the products available as per the weather of a particular region?
  • Is there anything they have for really sensitive baby skin?
  • Does Johnson’s test on animal? If not then how do they test it?
  • What does no more tear mean?
  • Are all the formulations same across the globe?
  • Can we use Johnson and Johnson Baby products on adults?

And then came the BIG BOMB QUESTION that we all influencers had in our mind. A council member finally popped the big question, about the controversy about the ovarian cancer lawsuit.

The experts reassured that the baby talc powder if safe and gentle. They stated that the talc used in all their global products is carefully selected and meets the highest quality, compliance and purity standards.
They also mentioned that however the lawsuit verdict goes against decades of scientific researches, that have always proved that the product is safe, they sympathize with the plaintiff’s family, but they strongly disagree with the outcome.
The lawsuit verdicts are decided upon by jury, hence empathy and emotions could have played a huge role in the verdict. If they would agree upon the same thing, their decisions could very well go against decades of research and science.
Johnson’s is a family oriented company, they have over 130 years of experience with baby care researches.
They truly sympathize with the family, as the person actually lost her life, regardless of the real cause of her illness.
For JnJ the safety of the babies, men and women is above all.
My conclusion is that there is actually no reason that is really compelling to believe that JnJ products aren’t safe or are harmful.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

Post the open forum Johnson’s launched their new range of products:
1. Johnson’s bed time routine range – which is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay sharp longer.
2. Johnson’s top-to-toe baby bar – this is for sensitive newborn skin.
I’m too excited you use these products, specially the bed time routine range and would be reviewing both the products  very soon.

It was an amazing learning experience, and am really honoured to be a member of Johnson India’s Global mom influencers council.

To watch me live from the Johnson’s plant click here:

I will be back soon to talk more about Johnson’s. In case you have any questions for Johnson’s, I would be happy to find the answers for you.

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