Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range from Amway is a unique combination of modern science and Indian traditional wisdom.

I’m sure you would agree that our foremothers worked really hard, and if you observed them taking the time to make a remedy again and again it is just because it worked.

Most of the remedies that our parents used on us are very old, that had been passed down for many generations.
These old remedies are what we need to support our wellness and health.
I always find it a good idea to use the herbal wisdom to stay healthy.

We can’t deny that Ayurveda and natural herbs are magical.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

I was thrilled when I got an invitation to attend the launch of Amway’s new range called Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, since their new range matches my family’s ideologies.

This bloggers’ event was also special since it was Amway’s 20th Anniversary too.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

Amway’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range:

1. Nutrilite Brahmi – This herb improves the functioning of central nervous system and supports attention, alertness and mental agility ( 1 tablet contains 5gm raw Brahmi herb).

2. Nutrilite Ashwagandha  This is known as a rejuvenator and supports vitality, improves energy levels and calms the nervous system ( 1 tablet contains 3gm raw Ashwagandha herb).

3. Nutrilite Tulsi – Tulsi has antioxidant properties and helps improve immunity ( 1 tablet contains over 100 dried organic Tulsi leaves).

4. Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki – This one is a perfect blend of three herbs that helps in improving digestion and appetite. It also detoxifies the body and soothes hyper acidity (1 tablet contains 3gm raw Vibhitaki, Haritaki and Amalaki herbs)

The brand needs no introduction since their products are being used in almost every household in our country.
Amway has emerged as one of the leading FMGC brand in India and with its indigenous approach towards Indian market they have developed this new range in line with ‘Make in India’ vision.
This range is developed using essential Indian traditional herbs while keeping the nutritional requirements of Indian consumers in mind.

This was indeed an insightful event, where we got to meet Mr. Andy Bhudraj, CEO of Amway India and
Dr. V.K. Joshua , HOD Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Committee.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

Their ‘ Seed to supplement ‘ approach caught my attention.
I’m sure you must be wondering why should you be Consuming these herbs in the form of a Tablet.
The truth is that finding these herbs in the purest form can be really hard.
Amway doesn’t believe in ‘ Saying is enough’ philosophy.
We learnt during the event that Amway develops all their products through a stringent process.
Each product of theirs goes through multi level quality checks which ensures selection of the right farm, active ingredient, part, species, extraction, process and eventually the right and perfectly curated product.

Also, the manufacturing process of Amway’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range focuses on Purity, Safety and Potency. Only organic certified herbs are used by them to meet their strict quality standards. There’s an extensive research and tests that goes behind each product they manufacture.
To prevent any health hazards, they prepare these supplements from certified non-GMO sources and maintain the premium quality by extracting the right herbs.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

It was great to know that now that their products can be directly bought from their website and from Amazon as well.

These supplements are really affordable, so you don’t have to worry about it making a dent in your pocket.

Each variant has 60 tablets in a bottle and is priced at Rs. 649.
This range complies to the new Nutraceutical Regulations issued by For Safety Standards Authority of India which makes me want to trust these supplements even more.

I would recommend Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range supplements since I personally observed an improvement in my immune system and digestion.
Running behind my daughter’s the entire day, often left me tired and fatigued. I’m glad that these supplements help me feel energetic and I’m back in action but the end of the day, despite the work overload.

Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions in this post are honest. I would never recommend something that I personally don’t like.