Secret to a Diaper free life

Love it or hate it , this is something all mothers have to face sometime in their life.

We all mothers want to ditch the diapers and potty train our little ones , want to know the Secret to a Diaper free life . No one is an expert in this area, and neither will anyone ever go to the college in Diapers. In this post I will give you my little secrets to a diaper free life.poo trainingw

1. Potty training can’t be forced:

This is unfortunately very difficult for most parents to take in. If you attempt to potty train a child who isn’t ready yet for it, it can be a long frustrating phase for you and for your child. Your child will give you signs when ready, which is just not determined by the age of the child. It is our job to notice these signs and act upon it.

2. What are signs of readiness:

Having dry periods is an easily noticeable sign.  If your child wakes up from a nap dry or goes a few hours and has a dry diaper it is a sign of strengthening bladder control. Getting Independent, is the another sign of readiness.  If your child has begun to dress himself , wash his hands and help clean up then it is a sign of independence.  When the child does not like the feeling of being dirty and notices a dirty diaper, it strongly shows the child is absolutely ready for the potty milestone. Once this is figured out, you need to teach child how to give you verbal indications when they want to use the washroom. The child needs to be able to express when they have to go potty or that they are going potty. The most telling sign is when the child tries to hide away when he is pooping in the diaper, this shows the child understands that this requires privacy.

3. Be prepared:
Get yourself ready. Buy an interesting potty seat that can easily fit on your current W.C. Buy a lot of underwears. Let the child get the feeling of wet and dry. Be prepared to have a mop ready in case of an emergency. The most important thing is to react the moment the child shows an urge to use the washroom. The child should trust that you are there to help whenever required.
 Try This:
4. Be Patient: 
There is a long road to go before you get your child pro at this.. Dont rush or belittle your child, as this may lead him to become rebellious.

Trust me you are not alone in this and this too shall pass! Its perfectly ok to take a break and try at a later time to save yourself and your child to get frustrated with the process.It will not happen over night!  Patience is the key to win this battle .pootraining1

5. Be Consistent:

A great way to start potty training is to set up an area that you will spend most of your time.  When I was potty training I never used a potty chair ,rather i had this cushioned potty seat to be placed on the normal water closet . This way my little muffin could associate potty time with the W.C.  Set a timer, drink a lot of liquid and go to the washroom every 45 min.


6. How to keep them enthusiastic about the whole process:

Most kids wouldn’t wish to sit long enough on the potty seat.  It is a great idea to have a basket of books by the toilet, sing songs and make this time fun and special. Reward the child with appreciation every time the child succeeds in this process. Make sure it is a positive experience for your child.


7. What about Cleaning Process:

It is extremely important that you teach your child how to clean themselves. Most parents would want to think that their children can’t clean themselves so they do it for them. But in reality this is crippling your child and will cause problems later when they go to the school. As a parent its vital that i teach my child independent skills. This would avoid any stranger help your child to use the washroom and clean the child. To teach a child to clean, make sure you show the child by placing your hand on his and talk about what you are doing while you are modeling it. The next time you allow them to do it while you supervise.

8. Make it fun:

Reward them ,but not too much.  You want your child to be proud and learn with out too many rewards.  More importantly, just be positive, encouraging and excited!  This is a huge step for your child and it deserves to be praised.

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