Skincare regime for busy moms: Boost oxygen into your skin with Kaya Youth Range


Skincare regime for busy moms: Boost oxygen into your skin with Kaya Youth Rangeย 

After becoming a parent, most of us end up having quite a busy schedule on a daily basis. As a result skincare regime easily falls to the wayside.
With truck loads of responsibilities, we often find it difficult to carve out time for our skin.

What if I told you that with just a few minutes at hand you could achieve youthful, glowing skin?

Most of my social media posts and stories are without any makeup and some of you even asked me if I was trying something new because my skin looked fresh and youthful these days.

Well! Today I’m going to reveal what I was up to since the past 7 days.

I found a great solution that can help you achieve youthful and healthy skin.
No amount of make up can make you feel what naturally beautiful skin can. Glowing skin requires great care and commitment.

But what about people like me who are too busy to follow a regime which requires too many steps or products?

Iโ€™m always on the run. Be it to get the kids ready for school or to run about for errands, taking out time for myself during the day is a luxury.

I recently came across the Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion range and I instantly wanted to try them, since the idea of oxygen infused products was so intriguing. I tried these products for 7 days and in this article, I will be sharing how the products lived up to my expectations.

Let me introduce you to Kaya Youth


What is this product range?

It’s an oxygen infused range by Kaya Youth, a brand that is definitely here to stay in my skincare regime.
This range provides oxygen to the skin, and helps you achieve glowing and healthy skin.
In just a week’s use, I felt that my skin looked more fresh, youthful and radiant than before.

This is why our skincare regime needs oxygen:

Our skin cells require oxygen to stay nourished and healthy. The oxygen supply to our skin cells deplete with time, which causes the most common skin problems like pigmentation, dark spots, dullness and patchy skin.
Using the Oxy-Infused Kaya Youth products helps supply oxygen to the deepest layers of our skin. Your skin feels youthful and fresh, and glows like never before. This range has a unique micro-circulation complex which gives you youthful glowing skin by boosting the oxygen supplying to your skin cells.

I follow the following steps:

1. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face wash: I use this early in the morning when I wake up. This face wash has a creamy white consistency and just a pea size amount is enough to lather well and clean the face properly. My skin feels fresh instantly and I’m ready to take over my morning duties. This face wash not just cleanses the face, but also provides a boost of oxygen to make my skin glow and look youthful.


2. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream: Before leaving the house to drop my girls to school, I apply this day cream. What I like the most about this cream is that it is light and isn’t sticky at all. It gets absorbed into the skin easily and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and youthful. I really like the packaging which is a squeeze tube with a control nozzle.
Honestly, I feel that my skin feels really fresh after applying this. I even tried using this cream as a base before applying the make up and felt a natural glow. It has a pleasant fragrance that leaves my skin smelling fresh for a long time.
I use this cream right before sleeping as well (after cleansing my face with Kaya Youth Face Wash).



3. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes: I have been using these wipes twice a day. They easily wipe out any gunk and sweat on the face. They are quite moist and contain apt amount of moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. These wipes also contain micellar water, hence can even help remove makeup. For heavy makeup I use their Micellar Water.


4. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Micellar Water: This is great for people who like using liquid make up remover. This not just removes the makeup but also hydrates the skin, leaving it fresh and dewy.



Mylittlemuffin Verdict:

This range is here to stay in my life for sure. In just 7 days I could see a visible change in my skin, which was even noticed by a lot of you. The fact that it doesn’t require too much effort to follow a skin care routine makes me want to give this range a big high five. It took care of the pigmentation and dry patches on my face. I highly recommend you all to try this range once.

These products area easily available online on Amazon, Nykaa And Flipkart

Know more about the brand here:

Website –ย

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