Superbottoms cloth diapers Review | Fluffy Quirky Cloth diapers

Superbottoms Cloth diaper Review

I have been using Superbottoms cloth diapers since over two weeks now, and just can’t get over about how comfortable and safe it is, not just for #mylittlemuffin but also for our environment.. . . 

4 years back, I have had some disasters with those cloth nappy pants. How I wish I knew about cloth diapers backs then.
Superbottoms not only serves the purpose of keeping the baby bum sorted, but also brings in some quirkiness in your house. Trust me it just fills me with joy when I watch my girl roam around the house with the supercute cloth diaper from superbottoms.
Here is my detailed review of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by superbottoms for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product:
I received this Cloth diaper in a really cute paper bag, tied up with a ribbon. The packaging got me really excited to check out what was in there.
Inside was a fluffy quirky cloth diaper that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Product description:

I received a Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper called Mitti. This particular type is known for its high absorbency.
It has 8 layers of inbuilt bamboo cotton, which is a great option for heavy wetting babies. This pack comes with one Superbottoms Plus which has an attached soaker and one additional organic bamboo cotton soaker which can be inserted inside the back pocket of the diaper.

Price of the Superbottoms Plus diaper: Rs 890

Availability: ,
, flipkart and Snapdeal.

The high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

  • It’s has 2 levels of absorbency:
    1. The attached soaker with a snap on one side.
    2. You can also choose to place a hemp booster soaker or any other insert in the additional back pocket of the cloth diaper.
  • The attached soaker gives it a suede dry feel.
  • It fits amazingly snug on the baby.
  • The bamboo cotton soakers and the booster that snaps on the back of the diaper, both have 4 layers each, which makes the diaper extremely absorbent.
  • It’s a one size fits all kind of diaper, so you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it.
  • It has closure of snaps on the front which contains two rows of snaps for an easier adjust-ability.
  • It has Square tabs in the front which can be crossed over to give a snug fit around the baby’s waist.
  • This Cloth disorder lasts up to 2-3 hours without a booster and it adds up to an additional hour and a half of absorbency if the booster is used too.
  • I felt the inside of the cloth diaper was really stretchy to make it breeze even when a soaker was inserted.
  • I also observed it is cool and breathable.
  • The elastics of the diaper are quite narrow, hence it fits comfortably on the baby’s waist and thighs.
  • It also generously fits larger babies as I tried it on my 4 year old daughter too ( though I know for sure how angry she got at me, coz it’s been long time since she has been potty trained??).
  • Superbottoms offers some really quirky and beautiful cloth diapers. Toh should definitely check their Facebook page for more designs.
  • My favorite high five of this product of that it dries really fast.

Not so high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

Please ensure that you use the right snap for your baby, else you would end up making it look wonky at the front. It basically needs a bit practice for you figure out which would be the right snap for your baby. Though this wouldn’t affect the function of the cloth diaper at all.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:

I really like this Cloth diaper. I love the fact that it creates a dry feel for the baby. This is a great buy for those of us whose babies are chunkier too or aren’t potty trained even after 3 years.

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