T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status

I found PLENTY of T-Shirts and onesies with funny and thought-provoking and in-your-face breastfeeding slogans. These slogans give out great message, which I wish all breastfeeding mothers could wear. Check these T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status:



Exactly, its important for the world to stop judging or checking out a mother who is breastfeeding. At times we are at a public place and due to unavoidable reasons the mother is bound to breastfeed the baby. How I wish people around would respect the fact that its the baby’s RIGHT TO EAT.

2b1107e5a33f358b2d6bd7f3152bc544Yes I believe in covering myself when breastfeeding.I fail to understand that how and why still people get offended whenever they see a mother nursing her baby. Please cover your head people if you are too offended.


Its the best food a baby can have. Nutritious and healthy. Its one tough task but I really would urge all the mothers out there to atleast nurse their baby for six months. I know so many moms who despite of going back to their work place manage to pump some breastmilk and make some arrangement so the baby is given the same in the other’s absence.


Like I mentioned above, at times at a public place due to unavoidable reasons the mother is bound to breastfeed the baby. Its not a crime. Lets all respect this fact.

t-shirt_still_breastfeeding_blue_frontHow I wish I could wear this Tshirt when I chose to nurse my baby till she was 2 years old. forget aboiut friends and family, even strangers have come up to me and questioned me. Come one world, Its my baby , my choices, my body.


Lol, This is so true in today’s tech-world. The best time pass while breastfeeding is surfing through your phone. I agree that the lactation experts suggest to run all good thoughts through your mind while breastfeeding, but trust me if you don’t choose to keep yourself entertained during this process you might end up getting really bored. So its alright to break this rule.

breastfeedingYes its true. Till the time demand is on, God will bless you with the supply. This is for all the moms feeling that their body isn’t making enough ( unless ofcourse not incase of some unavoidable reasons where mothers have to stop breastfeeding due to health or personal reasons).

breastmilkBreastfeeding not only does good for the baby, but also is beneficial to the mother. Its a proven fact that it helps a mother burn a lot of calories by just sitting at a place and breastfeeding.

beastfeedingSince I am a big preacher of breastfeeding, I completely believe in this. I have nursed my baby till she was two . All respect to the mommies who aren’t able to do the same even though they wish to.

breastfeeding in washroomThis is for all those people who advice mothers to feed in the washroom. Gosh! who would enjoy a meal sitting on the W.C., not me atleast 😉


I am all of it and I love it. Let the world judge.

breastfeedingAll the fathers who respect this fact deserve loads of respect. A father can really make breastfeeding an easy task by being supportive about it. Because, this will lead to a healthy baby and mother, thus a happy father and a happy family.

breastfeedingThis is exactly what I felt. Breastfeeding is much easier than bottle feeding. Its an ever ready supply. No stress of buying the formula, cleaning and sterilizing the bottles, and making formula feed in the middle of night. So I can proudly say I was too lazy to bottle-feed.

breastfeedingYes, the size of you body parts increase. Its a fact, and its irritating for a breastfeeding mother to tackle lechers. How I wish people would just keep their dirty eyes to themselves.

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