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We all feel that flight attendants are there onboard to bring to us yummy food, tea, coffee and headphones,and many more such things.
Don’t we?

Flight attendants are there onboard the aircraft to make sure you are safe.
Believe me, your safety is their utmost priority.

Even then passengers often feel that flight attendants are onboard to cater to their whims and fancies.

I have come across some extremely obnoxious requests like handling someone’s crying baby or cleaning a dirty diaper.

Here are a few things that you should never ask a flight attendant to do  :

1. Don’t ask for any kind of a medication : According to the regulations a flight attendant isn’t allowed to do that for you. Not even an aspirin. There are some medicines onboard that they are able to release to a medical practitioner in case of an emergency. But on a regular flight you should bring your own regular headache or flight sickness medicines.images

2. Never ask them to stow your bag for you :
I am so sure that most of us have always thought that it’s their job to do such stuff for us. The main  reason why you shouldn’t ask them to do it is because it may cause injury to them. The rule says that if you can’t lift your bag into the overhead bin yourself then you shouldn’t be getting it in the cabin.
Yes, she can help you push the bag further into the bin once it’s up there or can help you close the overhead bin.images
3. You can’t ask the flight attendant to call ahead and hold a connecting flight for you :
No captain is going to hold his plane for you in case you are running late. Neither can it happen nor can the flight attendant request the captain to make such calls. Period!! This is exactly why the passengers are urged to leave enough time between flights when booking a connecting flight.Passengers missing flights


4. Never ask your flight attendant to ask the pilot to fly faster : If you are shocked to see this point ,well let me tell you that a lot of passengers have come upto me and asked me to do so.

The best part about this request is that it definitely makes us laugh.

5. Never expect a flight attendant to accept any cash tips from you:
Firstly because they aren’t allowed to accept any gifts or cash from the passengers.
And secondly, trust me their’s is a very well paid job ?.
So tips like these won’t do any good to them nor to you.
Rather just smile at them and leave a good feedback about them in case you feel they deserve any kind of an appreciation.

6.Never ask a flight attendant to sit with you and have a cocktail:
Surprised ?? Yes some passengers do have the courage to ask the attendant to do this for them, and most even think that it’s a flight attendant’s duty to fulfil such fancies.

She can definitely not have a drink with you.
They aren’t allowed to drink even a drop of alcohol while on duty. They are often randomly tested, because their priority is to keep you safe, which she won’t be able to do when she is tipsy and is jumping around the cabin after being high.

So next time think a hundred times before making such advances.

7. Never ask the attendant to kick off a service animal :
A service animal is usually a dog accompanying a person with a disability. The fact of the matter is that if you are allergic you would be asked to leave the flight and take another one and never this service animal.

8. Never ask a attendant to ask other partners to move seats :
You can certainly ask people nicely, but trust me no matter how badly you want to be seated next to your buddy, the flight attendant can’t force anyone to change their seat for you.
In case you have such preferences try to reach the check in counter early so you can get the seat of your choice.

9. Never ask a flight attendant to allow you to sit in the business class even if there are empty seats there :
I know it’s insane, but if you wish to sit there you would have to properly upgrade.

10. Never ask the cabin attendant to allow you to get your own booze and make a cocktail :
Remember that most airlines make the flight attendants confiscate your bottle and you would have to go through hell lot of penalties for doing so. Even if you bought a bottle from the duty free shop at the airport you wouldn’t be allowed to open the bottle onboard.
The sheer reason is that they can’t get people intoxicated.

11. Never ask a flight attendant to escort you off the plane even if you need help :
There is another department that can help you. All you need to do is inform the flight attendant and they will make sure that there is someone to attend to you in case you need help.
The flight attendant can’t leave the plane even if there is one passenger onboard.
However if there is a minor or someone who really needs the flight attendants assistance, the person shall have to wait till everyone else deplanes.

12. Never ask a flight attendant to pass on a pen to you in an international flight :
For filing of your custom cards you would have to carry your own own. Most airlines no longer give out pencils or pens for this purpose.
Moreover if you still aren’t carrying one, make sure you return it to them since they have loads of paper work to be done than you can imagine.

Wish you happy landings and safe flights.

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