Excuse me

Have you come across times when your when your child won’t stop interrupting ? Screams ,shouts and tries to do all possible things to gain your attention , just to give you a small message, while you are in the middle of a very important conversation. Do you feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior when he interrupts ? And do you know what to do in such a situation?

Whether the child speaks out of turn, tugs on your leg or goes so far as to pull your arm to tear you away from your conversation, an interrupting child is never a joy.

As a mother I have been very observant ,specially from the time I was pregnant. From the moms around me I would grasp all the good things and also note down things that I would avoid to do with my child. I never judged a mother, but yes i knew absolutely what not to do, so my child comes out to be a better and a positive person.

What I have mentioned above is what I have been observing in all the kids in my extended family and also with my friends who have kids or nieces n nephews.

Excuse me rule

As a parent I not only observed the mother being embarrassed on this occasion but also annoyed. And at times I have even seen mothers screaming at their children to stop interrupting. And this would lead to not a very comfortable environment. The child soon forms it a habit . This child has a lot of difficulty to be a good listener , as he is always eager to say what he wants to ,rather than letting other complete what they have to say.

When your child won’t stop interupting – Bring in the “Excuse me” Rule . Yes , That’s what I call it. I learnt this from someone I don’t even know. This was a truly genius little trick from a person I saw in a restaurant once , and couldn’t help but went to compliment her on what I just observed.

This lady was chatting with a small group of friends ,when her 3 year old son wanted to say something. Instead of interupting like most of the kids would do, this child simply put his hand on his mother’s wrist and waited. The lady placed her hand on the child’s hand to acknowledge him and continued the conversation with her friends.

Excuse me rule

After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him. I was dumbstruck ! So simple. So gentle. So respectful of both the child and the adult. The child only had to wait a few seconds for his mother to finish her sentence. Then she gave him her complete attention.

My husband and I started implementing this straight away. We explained to my daughter that if she would want to talk and someone is already speaking, she needs to place her hand on our wrist and wait. It took some practice and a few light taps on our own wrists as gentle reminders but I am so happy to report that the interrupting has all but stopped!!


No more, ‘wait I am talking‘. No more, ‘Please don’t interrupt‘. Just a simple gesture; a little touch of the wrist. That’s all.

Give it a try. It works!

Please do share with me your views on the post and also if it helps you in any way!!!

Excuse me