Buying a car : Tips for new parents

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Buying a car can be really overwhelming if you are expecting or if you already have a baby, that is because your preferences change after you become a parent.
You would no longer be worried about the cool gadgets or the driving experience of a new car. There would be bigger things to worry about like if the car seat should fit well inside or if there is enough space for stroller.
Buying a car, which is usually not that cumbersome would get too complicated if you are buying it for your family after you have a child.

So I along with my husband narrowed down on a list of what was important for us while buying a car.

Here are some tips that helped us in buying a car:

1. Do a good research on your car before you head to the dealer

Ensure that you have decided on the type of car and your budget before you meet the dealerships. If you are sure about the model, even better. Frankly, all we had to do was to head over for a test drive, fill up the financial application and drive away with our brand new car. We were lucky to have a great salesman who made the process really easy for us. I resorted to which is a great place to help you decide on which car to buy.

2. When going for the paperwork ensure you have every document ready

These days most of the documentation happens online. This made the process really easy for us since we just had to go and sign the documents. If you have your kids with you during this time, you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting a lot of time on documentation.

3. Decide before hand about the storage requirement:

It would be great if you would think and plan about the kind of storage you would require. Think whether you would require some space for the stroller or any other child related item. Also, if you are the family who often plans road trips ensure you buy a car with a good space available to accommodate lots of bags (trust me with kids you could pack your entire house).

4. You must try the booster or car seats before buying a car:

Before finalising the car, make sure you try placing the car seat inside it. Yes, take the seat along with you since each car seat fits in differently in different cars. I know of a few people who bought a car before their child was born, and they ended up having a car that couldn’t accommodate the car seat.

5. Cover up those leather seats:

Trust me, you would thank me later for this advice. If you are buying a car with leather seats you must get seat covers, since the kids could tear through the leather very easily. My little one already poked her pen on one of the seat. Even if you trust your child not to do so, you must cover the seats up since the car seats or the booster might dig into the leather and destroy the material.

6. Don’t get stuck with a salesman who won’t value your time:

With two kids who have different routines it would have been difficult for us to spare a few hours to buy a new car. We were fortunate enough to have had a great salesperson who did most of the paperwork through mail and we were all set to go in less than an hour.

7. Decide the features you would want before heading to the dealer:

If would end up spending most of your time in the car think about features you can and can’t stay without. For us an extra storage area and a car which could suit our cat seat was of utmost importance. Also we wanted a car that had a good leg room, since we know we are a family who is always impromptu when it comes to road trips and we wanted enough space to stretch out out legs.

8. Find out what would be the main use of your new car:

Would you be using it more to drive to and from work? Would it be a second vehicle for your family?
Would you keep it for the road trips or family rides?
We personally needed something that would be our partner on our long road trips and also something that could be easily parked in our driveway, since it would be parked in most of the times as I’m a work at home mother who usually needs the car for picking and dropping my child from school and for grocery shopping.

I hope these tips help you in picking up the right car and that too without taking much of your precious time.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions in this post are honest. I would never recommend something that I personally don’t like.

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  1. Amazing and imformative article on choosing a right and efficient car for family. These tips are very helpful for many who are planning for buying a new one. I agree that we should do enough research before going to any dealer.

  2. I completely agree with your last point. Understand how you are going to use your car and then buy. Dont buy a car bcos someone else has it

  3. I have never bought a car before and wanted to look up some tips before I try to go buy one. That is a great idea to do some research about the car I want before I go to the dealership. I would love to know all about the price of the car so I could get a great deal!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment. I’m glad to hear that you found the information informative and helpful for your future car purchase. Good luck with your search!

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