The mysterious world of white noise and it’s benefits – Introducing Fade away sleep sounds

The mysterious world of white noise and it’s benefits

 Introducing Fade away sleep sounds

The biggest challenge that new parents face is helping their little ones fall asleep.
As a new mom I often found myself struggling every night trying to make my baby fall asleep, and if I succeeded ever, I used to keep awake the entire night just because my body was too exhausted to even doze off.
During this time only thing that never failed to surprise me was white noise.
White noise is a combination of all the different frequencies of sounds with an equal intensity.
It’s a unique kind of sound signal which is capable of overpowering any kind of background sound.
It overshadows any kind of sound that could prevent a person from falling asleep, this is the reason why people have started resorting to it to have a healthy sleeping habit.
Hair dryer, washing machine, moving car, rain, ocean, etc are some of the examples of white noise.
White noise was one of the best way that could make my girl sleep without a hassle. However sometimes I found it too difficult to turn on a dryer or go for a drive just to make the baby sleep.
For all those parents wishing to try the magic of white noise, hang in there and don’t rush to turn your hair dryer or washing machine on.
There is something that could help you play white noise right at your finger tips.
Yes you heard me right!
It’s time to introduce you all to

white noise

Fade away Sleep sounds is a white noise company that started after the founder Kevin observed how well white noise worked for his kids.
Each Fade Away Sleep Sound track is of one hour length where the last 10 minutes is a slow sound which gradually fades away to silence.
The sound fades away so gradually that you won’t even hear it happening, so you won’t have to worry about being dependent on the sounds to fall asleep.
This intends to make your baby sleep while weaning him off of it simultaneously.

Some benefits of Fade Away Sleep Sounds:

  1. It combats colic and makes a baby sleep easily by giving him a soothing environment.
  2. Would help the parent to sleep peacefully throughout the night too.
  3. Listening to this while meditating will help you extract great benefits of meditation and lead you deeper into it.
  4. It would reduce tinnitus (ear ringing).
  5. This could be effective for people with sleep disorders since it helps in combating restlessness or sleeplessness.
  6. It’s sound has the power of enhancing your productivity.
  7. It is really good for concentration as it would draw your attention without disturbing your emotional quotient.
  8. It helps in developing mental clarity. It could quieten your mind and remove any mental disturbance or confusion.
  9. It would increase your concentration and work efficiency, since it prevents any outside disturbance.
  10. It’s a perfect tool for kids while studying.

Why should you choose Fade Away sleep sounds?

  1. ‌It has a multiple choice of white noise for babies and adults.
  2. These sounds can be streamed or downloaded.
  3. Since these are downloadable it could be with you everywhere you go.
  4. ‌Their sounds are fairly priced.
  5. Their website if easy to use.
  6. If you sign up on their website you have an option to receive a free sound to try.

white noise

white noise

white noise



Mylittlemuffin conclusion:

Fade Away Sleep Sounds can do wonders for you and your baby. I really feel you should visit their website and try it once and I assure you that you would want to listen to all the sound from their collection.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions in this post are honest. I would never recommend something that I personally don’t like.

white noise

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  1. Very useful post dear.. I didn’t know about white noise but I do create some noise to make him sleep.. Fadeaway sleep sound seems interesting to apply…

  2. Nice stuff, really good to try sometime it is hard to sleep so I just listen to different frequency sounds from app but this also sounds great.

    1. Glad to hear that you found the information helpful! Feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit from it. Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you found the post useful, and I hope it can help your mommy friends as well. If you have any suggestions for future topics, feel free to let me know!

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