Check out why you Need A Mobile App For Your WordPress Blog ?

If you follow me, you would know that Delhi Developer –  A Web Developing Company from Delhi has made Mylittlemuffin Mobile App which has helped take my blogging to another level.

Delhi Developer is an IT-Company based in Delhi, who works on Web-Development and Graphic Designing. Though they have successfully completed and launched various websites and web services, their specialising has always been e-commerce websites. This excellence in the field of e-commerce world has been a major reason for their success.

Their Canvas Presentation is also one of their famous product, which is a new and unique way to present ideas on an infinite canvas. Apart from these two, they also offer various other services like Web-app development, e-commerce consultation, software consultation, SEO, Digital Marketing, Personal websites or blogs, Business websites, Vector graphics based PowerPoint presentations and Canvas presentations.

They also offer various supporting services like Data Entry, Logo Designing, Brochure Designing, Pamphlet Designing, Vector graphics, etc.

Mobile app

What I like most about them is that they offer their services at the most competitive rates, in fact they challenge their competitors that no other Delhi based IT-company offers the same quality services at the same price.

Thank you Delhi Developer for helping me get a step closer to my dream. Getting an app made is a step closer to having a direct engagement with my readers and connect with them one on one.

Mobile app


The answer to your question is right here.  Please click on the link below to know all about it.

Why You Need A Mobile App For Your WordPress Blog ?

Delhi Developer

To celebrate Mylittlemuffin’s Mobile app launch, I have this Grand Giveaway and you could get great discount from Delhi Developer and some amazing goodies from Mamaearth and Superbottoms if you participate.

The link is here:

Mylittlemuffin Grand Giveaway for my Readers and fellow bloggers 

Giveaway closed.