I don’t believe in worshiping idols and believe me I’m not an Atheist.
Today’s prompt was the toughest for me because I have been brought up with a religious belief where we don’t worship idols. Idol worshiping has always been heavily discouraged by all Sikh Gurus.
Moreover the ‘worshiping’ concept doesn’t exist in Sikhism. Sikhs only bow down to their holy book called Guru Granth Sahib.
So as a Sikhni it’s absolutely impossible for me to visualise an idol and compare it with myself or someone I know.

worshiping idols
Now if you may ask me why do people keep pictures of their Gurus in their house.
The truth is that we don’t worship these pictures. You will seldom see someone lighting lamps in front of the pictures. These are just imaginary pictures since no one knows how exactly the Gurus looked like, and to be frank it’s not even important because Sikhs believe that the real form of the Guru is the ‘Word’ or ‘Gurbani’.
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji said , ‘ Sab Sikhan ko hukum hai, Guru Maanyo Granth’ , this instructs all Sikhs to consider their holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib as their only Guru, and should bow down only in front of it and no other idol.
It’s not possible for everyone to have a copy of the Granth Sahib in their house so they keep images of the Sikh Gurus. Out of respect, eventually people start bowing in front of these images just because of the sanctity in their mind and they can’t be considered as the violation of Principles of Sikhism.
Sikhs practice a very simple, practical and precise guideline which has been laid down by the Gurus. These guidelines say that working hard, living honestly and loving and serving fellow humans would mean ‘ Serving the God’.
Sikhs believe in one divine God, whom they call Waheguru.
I have always tried to follow what Sri Guru Granth Sahib says. Somehow I feel even if I follow 10% of what it teaches I would be happy.
I don’t believe in worshiping idols and No I’m not an Atheist. I just believe in the teachings of our holy book and each day I teach my girls to thank Waheguru for what we have. We don’t believe in praying for something we want.
So for me the only idol I believe in is my holy book, and anyone who follows what it preaches is an inspiration for me.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and in no way do I wish to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs. I respect all religions and celebrate festivals of almost all the religions. If you disagree with my belief I would respect your opinion.

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