Collaborations : Learn to say NO


Learn to say NO to collaborations!

I often come across people mentioning that Blogging has become a rat race ( I’m guilty of saying that too?), but do we realise that it’s us who have made this wonderful platform a never-ending Competitive Race?

I often collaborate with some great brands and bloggers and really encourage having a healthy and happy environment.

Collaborations give bloggers an opportunity to voice out their opinion about the brands they believe in.
I follow my heart and love working for people and brands whose vision matches mine.

I don’t wish to make my blog or Instagram feed a ‘shopping cart ‘. No offence to anyone, but I definitely feel that we must not forget the real reason why we started blogging.  Was it just to make money through collaborations? Or to share our expressions and voice our opinion as well?

A couple of months back a big collaboration opportunity came up, and I refused to go ahead with it because I no longer believed in the brand’s spirit. For me it was more important to be honest with my Insta Family.


I knew if I would refuse to work for them, I would be left out from all the big things they would be coming up with, in the future.

But I sat through it and decided to stand up with what my heart said at that time.

Soon enough this huge thing that XXXX was planning was nearing it’s D Day.
I sat and pondered over it for days.

Just then I spoke to my husband (who is also my mentor and I run to him for everything big and small ??).
I told him how my mind I was at an unrest. The thought of losing a huge opportunity, to not just get a great visibility but also a huge remuneration kept haunting me.

Rishi asked me just one thing – ” Do u believe in XXXX’s spirit? If not, then just stay strong and focus on what you are doing. Money isn’t the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Focus on your mission and just Chill”. I knew I had to hear it loud from him.


I felt proud for saying NO.
The fact that I took control over this, gave me a HIGH, which can’t be expressed in words.



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Why I’m sharing this?

Because I want to let you all know that saying NO sometimes can be liberating.,
It can give you the Power of taking control of things in life.

If you don’t believe in anyone’s spirit, just say NO. Please remember, it’s more important to be honest with your audience than to work just for a monetary compensation.

Follow your ❤️! Much love

What are your thoughts on this?

I love to hear!

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Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. Wow! I am a blogger but never collaborated with anyone and still not earning through my blog. It’s a long and hard way tO reach where you are. You are right, in the race one must not forget why one actually started to blog.

  2. Well said! It’s imp to say NO and choose our collabs wisely. I too believe in working with brands whose vision matches mine. All I know is that my followers are following me for a reason. And it’s best I stay true to them and to myself too. Kudos to you for following your heart. Keep inspiring like always ❤️

  3. Agree with you , we should say No when we are not comfortable with a brand or it’s demands.
    I do that , if I don’t like a particular brand or it’s products I say no , missing out some Collaborations do make feel bad for a moment but eventually it’s good ?

  4. Loved your post girl. In fact I always wondered why you were not covering that X brand when all influencers were doing it in their Insta feed and stories. Now I got the answer and proud of what you did .

  5. Absolutely enjoyed reading your blog. You really have a knack for explaining some things so clearly. The clarity in your thought is something I hope to achieve someday. 🙂

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