Narcissist : easiest way to identity them


Narcissist : easiest way to identity them

Read this post to understand how a narcissist could play with your mind and soul.

Narcissists have a strong belief of being superior to other people, hence they always expect some kind of special treatment and admiration. They are unable to acknowledge their own insecurities, which results in narcissistic behaviours like a sense of entitlement, an extreme need for attention and validation and superficiality.

A narcissist:

  • will never leave a chance to put you down, to humiliate you, make up false narratives and stories about you behind your back.
  • will shame and demonize you
  • will minimize you to the point that you explode in either anger or tears

And then a narcissist:

  • will then call you crazy for acting out in such a manner
  • will shame the way you reacted to their taunt/sarcasm
  • will make you feel little about yourself


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A narcissist is eventually:

  • Proud of their control over your emotional wellbeing and your happiness
  • Practices Torture Interrogation which will put a spotlight on you for things you aren’t responsible for
  • Can make even the most stable of people crumble under their weight.



A narcissist feels entitled to devalue, belittle, mistreat & disrespect anyone:

  • who has the courage to stand up to them
  • who doesn’t meet their self created expectation of perfection
  • who don’t comply with them
  • who disagree with them
  • who they believe slighted them in some way
  • who they dislike

Remember that a narcissist:

  • is image conscious, hence you sharing what you are going through would most likely end up with people rolling their eyes at you only (you would rarely find someone who would believe you)
  • You don’t owe the narcissist even a second of your time trying to prove anything to them (as you would never be able to beat their stories)

It could be hard, but it is important to identify them in order to protect yourself. Avoid arguing with them, try not to take things personally, and to avoid any kind of further harm you must set healthy boundaries as much as possible.

More on this coming up soon.

Do you have a Narcissist in your inner circle?

How do you deal with them? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.


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